Sourcing, Production & Manufacturing

This is an exciting step as we begin the production of your agreed-upon custom-designed apparel. We’ll discuss packaging requirements, timeline, and production approval samples.

This is where our knowledge and experience in selecting the proper manufacturer are crucial. Certain countries excel at different types of apparel manufacturing. We’ll put you in suitable locations and factories based on your target market and product needs.

We have always had a global manufacturing strategy that includes nearshoring in our quick response program. Our well-established teams in the USA, Mexico, and other countries nearby are ready to help address the current supply chain issues. Nearshoring allows for improved inventory control, the ability to respond quickly to demand and delivery, meet deadlines and eliminate lack of control due to distance. With the ability to truck in goods vs. shipping via a vessel we avoid backlog.

Once you give your final approval, we will start the manufacturing process.

The elements of this phase include:

  • Global sourcing for the  best quality and price
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Tech Packs
  • Final Approval of embellishments
  • Final Approval of all trims before production
  • Final Approval of all wash & fabric treatments
  • Complete package/ Bulk production
  • Quality control management
  • Packing and shipping
  • We handle all Customs & duties requirements
  • Direct delivery to your warehouse or customer
  • Replenishment/fulfillment programs available
*By Appointment only

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