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Our company is built out of a desire to help others create and bring their vision to life. As CEO, Lloyd Parks has owned, developed, launched, designed, marketed, built brands, and manufactured products for many well-known companies. He recently won the 2017 E10 Business award for emerging business setting trends and embracing current and future business marketplace concepts.

We affectionately call him “the fixer.” He has developed a skill for working through issues in manufacturing, product development, design, and startups. He has worked with government agencies on trade laws and enjoys teaching others how to start an apparel business. Creating a unique corporate culture from his rich diversity in the clothing manufacturing industry, he is skilled at job creation and overcoming challenges.

During his extensive career, Mr. Parks has built strong teams and spent time developing, inspiring, and mentoring our future leaders through training, one-on-one sessions, and internships.

If you are interested in customizing your apparel and not settling with the same old stock from a catalog, we’ve got you covered. We create merchandise customized to your target market and budget.

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