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Providing Complete Solutions

At Dominisii, we understand that you oversee the development of a potentially wide range of products aimed at a specific type of customer. We know how hard that can be, and our new American design and manufacturing paradigm can help you breathe easy and access our transformative apparel supply chain.

Craftsmanship, Innovation, & Vision

Every step in the Dominisii process is to envision, create, and produce the best possible product, no matter the market, from the yarn down to the finishing buttons. Consulting, design and merchandising, product development, sourcing, production, manufacturing & distribution, Dominisii offers all of it with uncompromising attention to detail. We will push the limits and have a total commitment to understanding your vision.

Elevate Your Brand and Build Your Line

Our relationships on the ground in over 17 different countries set us apart as being unmatched in design and manufacturing of clothing and accessories — for all types of markets and marketplaces. Our process, from design to your retail space, encompasses new methods that will impact your customer and your margin.

And suppose you need “Made in the USA.” In that case, we have a vertical manufacturing factory in Texas, plus relationships across this great country to find you the best manufacturing solution right here at home.

We offer sustainable alternatives. At Dominisii, we are well into our journey of designing, manufacturing, and distributing environmentally friendly clothing. Sustainable apparel and accessories that are ecologically and socially responsible matter to us.

Dominisii, Inc. is ready to help make your vision a reality.

Learn more about our new American design and manufacturing paradigm and all the services that will expand your brand by setting up a meeting with Dominisii today. Below is a partial list of our many competencies.

Design & Merchandising

  • Concept & Research
  • Themes/ Stories/Collection Boards
  • Sketches/Drawings
  • Packaging design
  • Graphic Design
  • Screen-Printing
  • Sublimation
  • Embroidery
  • Many other embellishments available 

Product Development

  • Apparel & accessories development
  • Technical Design
  • Fabric development (knits & woven)
  • Patternmaking Prototype sampling
  • Brand Development
  • Label/Hang-tag Development
  • Sublimation sampling
  • Screen-Printing sampling
  • Embroidery sampling
  • Various wash & fabric treatments

Sourcing, Production & Manufacturing

  • Global sourcing for best price & quality
  • CMT Manufacturing  available
  • Tech Packs for production
  • Final approval of product fit and design
  • Production patterns and Grading
  • Final approval of embellishments
  • Final Approval of all trims prior to production
  • Final approval of all wash & fabric treatments
  • Complete package/ Bulk production
  • Quality control management
  • Packing & shipping
  • We handle all Customs & duties requirements
  • Direct delivery to your warehouse or customer
  • Replenishment/fulfillment programs available

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